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Can'ail was born from Sophie's ardent passion for the art of hosting, the arts of the table

and above all... for cooking where garlic reigns supreme.

During long discussions shared with her friends, Sophie had a revelation: why not create a collection of recipes centered on this little bulb?

A lover of the south, of all the south and its nuances, Sophie was seduced by their unconditional love of garlic, these regions rich in their culinary heritage.

For her, garlic is much more than a simple condiment, it is a lifestyle, a philosophy, a true passion.

So, dive into the “ail’venture” with us!​

Obviously the sourcing of our bulb is at the heart of our project:

Our white garlic is grown in the Drôme Provençale, in the village of Crest.

Organic black garlic is produced in the Gers.

The other ingredients are locally sourced.

Our recipes are designed, developed and manufactured by Sophie in a family-run, artisanal cannery.

Can'ail will undoubtedly become your favorite culinary ally, the one who adds a touch of humor to each dish!

Garlic, aperitif, to share with friends, artisanal canning
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